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A Brand I Am Loving Recently: Vineyard Vines

It is summer and summertime means dressing up and wearing cute outfits. Maybe I am the only that feels that way, but living in MN its pretty hard to dress cute in the middle of winter when its -20 degrees outside. When its actually nice outside I try to get my cute outfits in while I can. Vineyard Vines just did a collab with Target and I am in love. I am normally not a super preppy styled person, but there are certain pieces from Vineyard Vines that I love and I thought would share them with you! There are so many items on Poshmark that you don’t have to pay the crazy prices they put in their items either!

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 1.11.22 PM.png

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Gingham/checkered prints are really popular right now and are very fitting for the spring/summer time. I personally love this dress and I think it is a good mixture between the preppy style and a casual more relaxed style.


Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 1.15.13 PM.png

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This dress is a little bit more on the preppy side and was actually apart of the collection that Vineyard Vines did for the Kentucky Derby. This dress could be worn multiple different ways to dress it up or down. You could add a belt and jean jacket and dress it down, or wear it how she is in the picture with some heals and wear it on a date night!


Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 1.23.28 PM.png

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This is the Shep Shirt which VV is known for. This is their most popular item and it also is a good mixture of preppy and casual. This is perfect to wear at night to a bonfire or just on a chilly day. This is a VV staple.


I have also been obsessed with the childrens items from VV. My niece and nephew (he’s two weeks old!) both have a few items from the VV X Target collab. I am obsessed with dressing my niece in preppy clothes because she just looks so cute. My nephew is 2 weeks old and he was born early so he is still in the hospital, but he will look so cute in the VV X Target clothes when he gains some weight.


Al of the items my niece is wearing (except for the pink shirt in the last picture and shoes) are all from the VV X Target collab. This was my favorite collab and my husband and I purchased a lot of items from this collection. I will be doing a video showing all that we got from the collection but everything is currently packed away for our move in a few weeks!


I hope you guys liked this post! Vineyard Vines is a summer staple brand in my opinion and I love the brand overall. It is actually one of the brands that I look at daily on Poshmark to see what’s new in the app and what great deals are out there. If you guys don’t have Poshmark you should download the app (it’s FREE) and use the code ‘FASHIONONAFRACT’ when signing up to get $10 off your first purchase! Thank you so much for reading this post and I will see you guys in my next one!

XOXO, Cait


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