H&M X Giambattista Valli

I have never heard of this designer before, but when I was looking through the photos of this collab my jaw literally dropped. This collab doesn’t drop until November of this year so there is plenty of time to save up for this very pricey collab. I saw the collab photos on Refinery 29’s website which will be linked HERE.



As I said above I had never heard of this designer before I had seen this collab surface on the internet. This designer launched his brand in 2005 and is mainly focused in Italy. His designs in the collab are ageless and timeless in design hoping to tell a love story with the buyers. There is a mixture of clothing, shoes, and jewelry in the collection. I wish there were more clothing options because there were only a few dresses and they were so beautiful that I wish I could see more of his designs.


I cannot share all of the photos in the collab, but I will be sharing some of my favorite designs. Remember that these items have a very high price tag so unfortunately, I will probably not be able to afford any of these items. I can only dream of finding one at a thrift or consignment store.




This first dress would be perfect for a prom or a bachelorette party! I love the silhouette and the color of this dress. It’s so fun and flirty and perfect for a special going out event. The MSRP is $399



Now this is a dress that I don’t think I would ever have an occasion to wear it for, but it would look amazing just sitting in my closet. I am not a fan of high-low designs so that would be the only things that I would change on this dress personally. The MSRP on this dress is $649.



I would buy this dress immediately if it was on sale right now. This is perfect for a bride to be to wear as a wedding dress or to change into for the reception. I have my wedding reception for our friends and family back home later this week and I would totally wear this dress for that party. MSRP is $649.



This dress is absolutely gorgeous. The color is amazing. The design is perfect. Now I just need somewhere to wear it too. This would be perfect for a wedding guest dress or if you have a special event like a gala or something to attend. MSRP is $299.



I thought this was a necklace at first, but it actually a belt. I think this is super cute and I haven’t ever seen anything like it before. You could use it as a belt for a wedding dress or also on a New Years Eve outfit to add a little sparkle to your outfit. MSRP is $130



This collab blew my mind when I say these photos. Definitely go check out Refinery 29’s website to see the full collection (link above). I am obsessed, but won’t be purchasing anything. I love keeping up to date on collabs because it expands my knowledge of brands. I had never heard of this designer before, but now I know who he is and will be able to recognize the name if I ever run into one of his pieces in the future. It also keeps you aware of what is happening in the fashion world which is ever changing. It is so hard to keep up with all of the things that are always going on, but that’s why I am trying to do these posts for you guys. That way you have somewhere to go that you know keeps up to date with everything going on in the fashion world.


I hope you guys liked this collab post and found it helpful! I will be doing many more in the future. If you missed my last collab post I will have it linked HERE that way you guys can keep up on all the new things happening!

XOXO, Cait


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