What I Post On Instagram When I Have No Idea What To Post: Reseller Edition

I know a lot of resellers are on Instagram and posting daily can be really hard. I mentioned this in a past blog post (linked HERE) and it may seem really easy to someone that doesn’t do it, but trust me it can hard. After a while, you feel like you’ve done everything and you are just posting the same thing over and over again. It’s hard to constantly come up with new ideas, new pictures, and just new content to put out there that no one has done before. I thought I would a post to help you guys come up with some ideas of what to post when you have no idea what to post.

1. Shipping Photo

This may seem obvious, but do it in a way you haven’t done before. Take a full body picture with your shipping, a feet shipping photo, or take a shipping photo in your car. I have done all of these and often like to rotate between which one I post. I will include some examples so you guys can get some inspiration.


2. Reseller OOTD

This is something many people have been doing on their stories on Instagram, but don’t be afraid to post it on your gram. I haven’t done this in a while, but its something I started doing again recently. It’s super easy to snap a photo of your outfit and post it. If you’re in a time crunch for the day and need to post something this is a great idea!


3. Your View

I love these posts. It’s nice to get out of the house and go work at a coffee shop, or a different location. While you’re there snap a picture and post it! You could be sitting outside in your backyard on a nice day, sitting poolside in the summer, or just sitting in a different spot in your house. Whatever it is snap a photo from where you’re working from!


4. Flat Lay

This is my most recent photo set up that I started incorporating into my Instagram, but I am LOVING it. I made a post all about how I take those photos (linked HERE) that you guys should check out! This is super easy and I am loving how you can style the items and make an outfit and give people inspiration. I have posted items that I bought off of Poshmark, but you could also post items that you are about to list or an item that just sold!


5. Throwback Photo

Post a photo from a while ago and talk about how far you’ve come over your time doing this. Celebrate your little accomplishments along the way because the little things are what matter. The little things lead to big changes! This is my go-to on days when I have absolutely NOTHING to post. I usually have a couple photos in my drafts on Instagram that I can post, but when I have completely run out of things to post I will typically post a throwback photo! This one below was one I recently posted on my Instagram that I took of my niece a few months ago. We were shopping at Goodwill and she looked SO CUTE. So I decided to post it since I had nothing else to post for that day!



I hope you guys like this post and got some inspiration from it! Let me know any other post ideas you have in the comments below!

XOXO, Cait

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