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My New Flat Lay Set Up

If you guys follow me on my Instagram (linked HERE) then you would see that I have been posting some flat lays a lot more recently. I have been trying to post on my Instagram daily and one day I didn’t know what to post so I took a flat lay of a swimsuit I had just gotten in the mail. Ever since then I have been finding it so much fun to style the item, take the photo, and then posting them on my Instagram! I thought I would do a post and tell you guys how I take them and what my technique is. I am by no means an expert, this is just something I have been loving doing so I thought I would share!


Being a reseller in today’s time can often mean you have to be on social media. It isn’t necessary, but it can definitely help you get yourself known and show off your items. Posting on Instagram consistently will help you get noticed and get people to trust you. I sometimes have the hardest time coming up with a new photo to take or post. It can be hard to constantly come up with new content to put out there. It might not seem very hard, but trust me after a while it feels like you’ve done it all. I started taking these flat lays and it is actually pretty easy to do, looks really good, and can show off your new items.


1. Get Your Background

I currently just use poster board that I bought from Target for like $2. It’s white and it does the job. I like that my photos have a white space in them and it kind of breaks up my feed a little bit, but still blends in very well. Your background doesn’t have to be a white poster board. It could be a white furry blanket, or a gray blanket, or your counter top. It can be whatever you like, but just keep in mind that it has to fit in with your Instagram feed since you are going to be posting these photos.


2. Style or Plain

You need to decide if you want to style your photos or just have the item in there by itself. I have done both and personally, the stylized photos look so much better. It looks like you put a bunch of effort into taking the photo and putting it together. It doesn’t take very long and usually, when I am taking these photos I take a couple at a time so I save myself time in the long run. Time is money. I like to style the photos on how I plan to wear the item. For instance, the photo below of the yellow swimsuit I bought off Poshmark. I styled it how I thought I would wear it. With cut off shorts and some cute yellow sunnies that I have had for years. It shows off the item and your style at the same time.



3. Take The Photo

When I take the photo I usually do it in a couple different angles and position the items in a couple different ways. This would be the same when you are taking a picture of yourself for the gram. You move around and get a couple different poses in a couple different angles. Well, it’s the same thing when you are taking these stylized photos for the gram. I always look through and decide which photo I like the best and then go to my editing apps and edit that photo.


4. Edit The Photo

Editing the photo is super easy. I just whiten the background since I like for it to look super white and contrast against my items really well. I then go onto Instagram and edit the photo through their app after I have whitened the background. I edit all my photos through Instagram since I feel like it is super easy and gives you a really good outcome. You can edit the photo through whatever app you like, but just keep in mind your overall feed. You don’t want to edit these photos in a completely different way than you do your other photos. You want to keep the same aesthetic so keep that in mind.


5. Post The Photo

You’ve taken the photo. You’ve edited the photo. Now post the photo!


I hope this post helps you guys if you are looking to take flat lay photos. I will be doing another Instagram related blog post coming up very soon so keep your eyes out for that!

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