Brands I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Heard Of

Something I have been doing for a long time is watching TV shows and when I see something I like I search for it all over the internet. I usually find everything on Worn On TV which is actually one of the greatest websites EVER. It’s amazing being able to go onto one website and see a bunch of SUPER cute items worn on TV and learning about a bunch of new brands. I don’t always find the items on this website, but this is a great resource to find items. Doing this makes me brand aware and also being style aware. If it’s worn on a TV show then other people are really likely to look for it as well and if you have it available in your closet you might be able to charge a higher price! So I thought I would share some brands that I haven’t heard of before that have a high/popular resell value!


1. Emilia Wickstead


I mentioned this brand on my Instagram (definitely go follow me other there if you don’t already!). Kelly Clarkson was seen wearing this dress on the most recent episodes of The Voice. I fell in LOVE instantly when I saw this dress. Its absolutely beautiful and I needed to know where it was from. I searched and searched and finally found it. I had never heard of this brand before, but I was shocked when I saw the prices on the website. I then took myself to Poshmark (obviously my favorite place) to see what the resell values are and if I could find the dress on the app. Well, the resell value on this brand is INSANE. The brand is also on The Real Real so there are multiple platforms that it could be sold on to make a really good profit margin. Keep an eye out for this brand in the thrift stores, consignment stores, and buy sell trade stores. Many people are very unaware of brands and this is a great one to add to your list!


2. Marianne Senchina


Another item I saw on TV and needed to know where it was from. This was seen on the Pilot episode of the new Pretty Little Liars series that just came out. This is absolutely gorgeous and has an insanely high price tag at $895. I had never heard of this brand before but will be adding to my list to keep an eye out for at my stores that I shop at for reselling. This brand is sold on ShopBop so when something is sold on that website I know it is a higher end brand that people will be looking out for. Another tip I have to to keep an eye out on these websites. Look at the Just In/New Arrivals page and see the new things that are being added. You might not find these exact brands, but being aware of styles that are popular is VERY important in this business.


3. Alica McCall



This was worn by Kristen Cavallari on a photo shoot that she did for her brand, Uncommon James. It’s so beautiful and would be perfect for someone who is a bride. This dress also has a high price tag at $450 and is sold on FarFetch. This is another website that when I see an item is sold on the website I know it is a higher end brand and people will probably be searching for it on a reselling platform.


4. Girlfriend Collective


I was scrolling through Nordstrom the other day looking for some cute new workout items since I am trying to get back into a gym routine. I stumbled upon a new brand I had never heard of that had some cute workout items. This brand is sold at multiple stores such as Nordstrom, Revolve, and Reformation. This brand also makes their items out of recycled water bottles, and this DOESN’T have a high price tag. The leggings start at $58 and I have seen so many good reviews so maybe I will have to buy a pair and do a review on them for you guys!


5. Christy Dawn


I was sharing some peoples closets on Poshmark the other day when I saw this beautiful dress. I looked at the brand and realized I  had never heard of it before so I started scrolling through the brand on Poshmark looking at the comps and the styles. All of the pieces are to die for and I can’t believe I have never heard of this brand before. Every single piece is so elegant, intricate, and simple. I love the effortless style that every single piece has.


I hope this helped you guys learn some more about brands and helped you get a little bit more familiar with brands you weren’t aware of! Keep up to date with all things social media regarding people that can influence fashion. I watch a lot of new TV shows which helps me be aware of what celebrities are wearing or with what items are being worn in TV shows. Also keep up with the New Arrivals tab on popular clothing websites such as Revolve, Shop Bop, Nordstrom, etc. This will help you keep up to date with what people are buying and what will be in style in the next few months. I will most likely do another whole blog post on how to keep up to date with styles so keep an eye for that! Thank you guys so much for reading this post and I will see you in my next one!

XOXO, Cait


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