Purchasing Items Out Of Season

This is something many people talk about in the reselling community and it is a huge topic to consider when you start selling. You want to purchase items that are in trend, season, and will sell quickly. Purchasing jeans at this time of year kind of goes against all of those things, but regardless they will sell EVENTUALLY. I thought I would talk to guys about why I am still picking up jeans to hopefully help you guys make a decision on if you should still be picking them up or not!


1. Online Knows No Season 

This is something I have heard people say time and time again and I believe it wholeheartedly. People go on vacation in the winter and are buying swimsuits, but their local stores haven’t gotten their swimsuits in for the season so where do they go? The Internet. This can be true for the opposite time of the year. People go on vacation in the summer to colder climate places and need some cute new jeans and sweaters to wear while they are away. They can’t go to their nearest Target so they will be shopping online. Some people don’t feel comfortable in shorts so they only wear jeans during the summer.

2. Make Your Own 

I have been picking up some jeans to turn into jean shorts lately because cut off jean shorts are always in style. I haven’t gotten around to actually cutting them up yet, but hopefully, I cant around to that this week sometime. In order to make my own jean shorts, I need to first start off with a pair of jeans. I have been picking up Levi’s jeans because they are coming back in style lately and everyone knows that brand. Levi’s is the classic jean brand that everyone knows and is very popular. If you guys want I can do a whole blog post all about the process and giving you some tips and tricks.

3. They Will Sell Eventually 

If the jeans don’t sell right away, then that’s fine. I will be ahead of the curve for next fall because I will already have a giant load of jeans listed in my closet. I am fine with sitting on some items for a while. I would rather sell as quickly as possible, but I also want to get a decent price for my items. I am fine with sitting on the items for a while when I know it will bring me a profit eventually. If I sit on the items all summer then I will be the first person that has a whole bunch of jeans listed for fall and will be ready when the wave of jean shoppers hit the Poshmark app.


There are many reasons that buying out of season can be a good thing, but always make sure the brand and style of the item is at the top of your list. Don’t buy something just because its a pair of jeans and you don’t have any jeans in your closet. I hope you guys found this post helpful and I will try and shoot my jean cut off shorts post this week!

XOXO, Cait

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