My Thrifting Routine

Hey guys! Today I am going to be talking all about my thrifting routine and how I go through the store. I have a certain way that I like to go through the store and certain areas I like to focus on so I thought I would share them with you!

1. Grab a Cart

Carts are essential. I always grab a cart because you never know what you are going to find. You might find one thing, but it could be a chair and you don’t want to carry it around the store. Whenever I forget to grab a cart I always regret it because then I always find a bunch of great stuff and I have to beg my boyfriend to go back and get a cart for me.

2. Kitchen/Furniture

This is where I always go to first because I like to look for hard goods (even though I only sell women’s clothing) and I am always looking for stuff for myself. I have found 2 Kitchen aid mixers and a few Breville juicers which are items that are fairly expensive to add to your kitchen collection. I will be moving into an apartment with my boyfriend after we get married in May so we love looking through these sections to find items we want for when we move. You can some really good items so I would definitely recommend looking through these sections even if they aren’t you’re first stop!

3. Kids Clothing

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I love to buy and sell kids clothing. I am always buying stuff for my niece so she can be the most fashionable one year old that I have ever seen. I also have a kids section in my Poshmark closet. Its pretty hard to find good brands that are in good shape because kids like to destroy their clothes, but I have found a lot of super cute stuff in the past. Lately, I have had a hard time finding some good stuff, but I still love to look through the sections!

4. Blazers

Blazers are my new favorite item to source and sell so they are my first stop in the womens section. They are so easy to photograph and I think they are a year round staple for most people. A lot of people either work office jobs or live in a colder state where adding a blazer to your outfit is almost a year round staple. They are also super easy to ship out which is probably my favorite part. I have sold about 5 blazer just in the past few days alone so I think they are really hot right now. They are a little bit on the bulkier side to store, but I think its totally worth it.

5. Jeans

I used to hate looking through the jean section, but it has become one of my top sections I look through now because there are a lot of good brands to find. I mainly like to stick to the higher end brands that will sell for decent money, but I have even sold American Eagle jeans for $25 so you could flip those all day every day. My favorite jeans brand for myself as well as reselling is Madewell. They sell so fast on Poshmark and for a pretty high dollar amount.

These are my favorite sections I look through and in the order I look through them in! I hope this helps you guys get to know my process a little bit better! Let me know in the comments what your guys’ favorite sections are! Thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow!

XOXO, Cait

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