What I Have My Eyes On Currently

You guys already know that I am OBSESSED with shopping on Poshmark. Well, lately I have been really into sneakers because they are super comfy and you can dress them up or down. You can literally wear them with almost anything so I have been looking on the app for some super cute sneakers to add to my collection that I already have. I love sneakers that stand out and aren’t you normal white or black sneakers that you see everyone wear. Don’t get me wrong though I love basic sneakers, but I normally like to make a statement with my shoes. I thought I would share with you guys the sneakers I have been eyeing lately.


Adidas Falcons 


These particular ones were apart of a collection Kylie Jenner did with Adidas. I am not a huge fan of hers, but these are so cute. I actually owned a pair of the shoes she did with Puma a few years back as well. I think she has really good taste and knows what the consumer wants and is willing to pay for. She is a great business woman and I respect her for all the work she has done thus far in her life.


Nike Air Max

air max

Like I said earlier, I like to make a statement with my shoes and I think these do exactly that. I love the floral and the mustard tongue of the shoe. I think it’s super cute and this could easily be dressed up or down with the right outfit. Nike Air Max’s are a classic shoe that I think makes a statement while not being too bold. They have made so many different colorways and keep coming out with new styles. This is a classic shoe that I think will stay in style forever.


Nike Huaraches


I own a pair of Gray Huaraches currently and they are honestly one of my favorite shoes that I own. They are super comfortable and are really easy to get on and off. Pink is and has been my favorite color for a while now and I think these would fit perfectly into my life and my fashion style. I don’t have a pink pair of sneakers so these would stand out in my collection as well. My boyfriend actually hates these sneakers on me and in general, but he doesn’t wear them so it doesn’t matter to him, RIGHT??


Those are the main sneakers I am eyeing right now and I am waiting for the right price before I scoop a pair up. I hope this gives you guys some inspo and you enjoyed reading this! I will see you guys tomorrow!

XOXO, Cait


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