My YouTube Filming Tips

Hey guys! So for today’s post, I am going to be giving you my tips that I have learned over the past couple months from filming YouTube videos. I know a lot of people are starting to get into making YouTube videos because it is such a fun and creative outlet so I thought if you wanted to start here are some tips you could use!


1. Make A Plan

Know exactly what you want to film and when you will upload it. I like to plan my videos out that I will upload a week in advance. I need time to form ideas for a video together and time to edit the videos. It usually takes me a couple hours to edit and then an hour or two to upload and get my thumbnail edited. Having a plan of what you are going to film helps you out so much better than just sitting down in front of the camera and having no idea what the video you are trying to film will even be.

2. Make Notes

I always have a note card in from of me of what I want to touch on in my video. This helps me stay on track and not ramble off on a tangent during my video and then have to try and cut it all out during the editing process. I have sat down before and not had a note card before and it turned out terrible. I had to refilm the entire video because I just seemed like I had no idea what I was talking about because I kept rambling. You don’t have to have a word for word of what you want to say, but at least have your main points you want to touch on written down. I sometimes feel like I black out during the filming process and completely forget something so having it written down has made a huge difference.

3. Get Comfortable

This takes a long time, but once you finally get comfortable in front of the camera you will see a huge difference. I feel like I am just now starting to become comfortable in front of the camera and I have been making videos for almost 2 months now. So trust me it takes a while, but I am so happy with all the videos I have been posting lately. I feel like myself and people can actually start to get to know me through my videos, which I what I am striving for. Film videos that you would actually want to watch. I personally LOVE watching hauls so I try to film as many as those as possible. Obviously, every single video I post cant be a haul, but by filming videos you would be interested you will be more excited. You will slowly start showing your own personality which makes you unique.

4. Stand Out

No one wants to watch someone that is just a robot trying to act like every other YouTuber out there. Stand out and be unique. This will only happen once you have become comfortable in front of the camera, but it will make people more interested in you. People really want to get to know YOU and who you are when they are watching your channel so don’t be a cookie cutter of who everyone else is. Be yourself.

5. Start Somewhere 

You don’t have to have a fancy filming setup to start making YouTube videos. Look at me. I literally sit in front of my closet and film videos. I know that eventually, I will want to upgrade my setup, but for now, I am happy with what I have. We all start somewhere and you need to realize that. You can’t go out and buy $4,000 worth of camera equipment when you are a beginner so just start by filming on your iPhone camera. If you guys didn’t know I actually film ALL my videos on my iPhone and the quality is actually really good. You don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to film some videos.


If you guys are looking to start a YouTube channel I hope this post helps you out! Be yourself and everything will come with time! You got this! Thank you guys so much reading this post, and I will see you tomorrow!

XOXO, Cait

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