My Newest Poshmark Purchase

Hey guys! I thought I would share my newest Psohmark purchase with you guys and tell you how I am always finding great deals on the app. I get a lot of questions about how I find such good deals so I thought I do a post all about it so you guys can reference it in the future!

I have been on the hunt for a new watch lately because I wanted to add to my collection. I currently only have a gold watch so I thought I would branch out and get a silver one to change it up every once and a while. I knew I wanted a Kate Spade watch so I head to the search in the app. I filter by brand, category, and then color. I then filter by “Just In”.


This will filter the searches and show me the most recently listed ones at the top. I filter by this because I want to see what is brand new on the app. A lot of people list low just to get stuff moving and get their money quickly and in order to get before anyone else, this is how you will see it. I was checking this section at least twice a day before I found the watch I wanted. I then just scroll through and find one that I love. I was trying to decide between a couple and ended up buying two different watches. I bought the first one and then decided I wasn’t in love with it as much as a different one I had found so I ended up buying two (I will be listing the first one on Posh very soon).


This is how I search for pretty much everything that I find and purchase on the app. I typically am always looking a few different brands and always jump on a great deal. I am the type of person that can’t pass up a great deal so if I see something I like and its a good price you will bet I am going to buy it!

I used to search by “Low to High”, but I have recently been shopping by doing this method and I am finding way more deals. I think because they are new and people haven’t really had a chance to see them is the key. A lot of the items I am buying I think are items that are in higher demand and something other poshers are looking for. Kate Spade watches and other items are very sought after so I think they sell really fast when you have a cute one listed for a good price.


Thank you guys so much for reading my latest post! It’s another late post, but at least I am sticking my goal, right?? I hope you guys find this helpful and find some really good deals on the app! I will see you in tomorrows post!

XOXO, Cait

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