February Goals: Reseller and Life Goals

Hey! Today’s post is all about my goals for the month of February for both my reselling business along with my personal life goals. I posted a video on my YouTube channel where I mention some of my other reseller goals so if you want to check that out I will link it here. I post monthly videos on my channel for my reseller goals, but I thought I would expand and also mention my personal monthly goals here on the blog.



1. Make at least 30 sales in the month 

Sales have been pretty slow lately on Posh, so I really want to try my hardest to                  make as many sales as I possibly can. This will be a stretch for where I am right                  now, but a challenge is really good and this will push me to list and go through                    all my unlisted inventory.

2. Rephotograph my entire closet

In my YouTube video, I mentioned that I want to rephotograph my entire shoe                     collection for Poshmark since I just recently got a new shoe setup, but I also                         really want to re-photograph my entire closet. I also just recently got a new                           photo setup for all of my other items so I want to make my closet really cohesive                 and look like everything belongs.

3. Change up my description 

I really want to upgrade my description and make it more appealing to the                           buyers. I want to start adding keywords so someone can find something really                     easy if they are trying to use keywords to find my items. I also might start                             adding measurements (don’t hold me to that) to my listings, but honestly, I am                     not quite sure yet. I don’t add measurements now just because of the fact that it                   takes a long time and I only resell part time so I don’t have all the time in the                       world.



1. Post Daily Blog Posts 

This is something that is going to be fairly difficult for me since I am already                       fairly busy (which is why I have been absent on here), but I really miss posting                   on my blog. I really wanted to start posting on here again so I think doing daily                   posts will get me back into the swing of things and make it into a part of my life a               lot faster than a couple posts a week would’ve. I hope you guys are excited about                 this because it’s going to be really challenging for me.

 2. Get further on wedding planning

Right now I don’t really have much planned except for the venue, my dress, and                 who is going to be there. I don’t have invitations, food, photographer, nothing. So               this month I really need to crack down and get that stuff in order. These next                       couple months and going to fly by so I really need to get it all planned so I am not               scrabbling a week before my wedding to get everything done.

3. Narrow down apartments 

My fiance and I will be moving in May/June after our wedding so we really need                to figure out our living situation. We have recently started our apartment hunt,                  but I want to make sure we keep looking at places and hopefully narrow down                    our search. We aren’t exactly sure what area of the city we want to live in, how                    big of an apartment we need, and what are deal breakers for us in the apartment                complex. I really want to narrow those things down so we can really decide which              place will be the best for us.


I hope you guys like seeing my goals! Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel where I talk about more of my reseller goals for the month! I will see you guys tomorrow!

XOXO, Cait

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