Christmas Outfit Ideas On Poshmark

So I’ve been thinking a lot about what I am going to wear for Christmas and New Years these past couple of days and I thought it would be a really cool idea for me to do outfit ideas on my blog. I will be putting a few different outfits together for different styles in case you guys need some ideas! I thought this would be a really fun idea and everything is from Poshmark so you guys know you will be able to get some deals!



Sweater / Boots / Earrings (top) / Earrings (bottom)



Dress / Heels / Earrings



Sweater / Boots / Headband


I hope you guys like any of these outfits or find some inspiration! I personally like all 3 and would wear any of them for Christmas. I think I might go a little bit on the casual side this year, but who knows. I’ll probably be getting ready and then all of a sudden I am dressed like I am going to a gala. I tried to keep the price down on all 3 options, so it would be affordable for anyone. I went a little pricey on some of the items, but I am sure if you looked on Poshmark for a long time you would find the item for cheap.


Let me know which outfit was your favorite and which one you would wear for Christmas this year. This was such a fun post that I will be doing it again for New Years so keep an eye out for that! Thank you for reading.

XOXO, Cait

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