My October 2018 Goals

I missed last months goal post, but I am coming back strong for the start of Q4 and posting my monthly goals publicly so I am held accountable to them. Reflecting on last month (which was terrible for me) I have a few goals that I want to change and a few that I want to add. These goals will not only include my reselling goals, but also my personal goals. If you didn’t see my previous goal post you can check it out here.


1. Consistently Share 

This was apart of my August goals, but I am going to include in this month because although I have been better about sharing I think I can do a little bit better. I want to share my own closet as well as do more community sharing. I want to do a little experiment to see what kind of sharing really helps. I will keep you guys updated on my experiment and how it turns out!


2. Keep Up My Organization

It is so easy for me to fall behind on organizing and putting away my inventory because I like to focus on photographing and getting all of my stuff listed. It makes me go crazy though when I have a giant pile of clothes just sitting in my living room (that’s where I do all of my Poshmark from). I need to start making it a priority to put all of the clothes away a couple times a week in order to keep the mess down. I am a Type A person so when things are unorganized and messy it makes me very stressed out. Keeping everything organized will keep my stress level down and will end up making me more productive.


3. New Sourcing Locations

I usually shop at the few same thrift stores, but with it being Q4 I want to through in some other items into my closet to keep up with my sales. I want to start adding in NWT items (I already have some NWT items) so by doing that I need to branch out to different sourcing locations. This could either mean Retail Arbitrage (I made a post about here about Retail Arbitrage) or just looking for those items at the thrift stores. I only have a TJMaxx in my area so I would have to travel about an hour and a half away in order to get to other stores. Some places I normally go for RA are TJMaxx, Nordstrom Rack, and DSW. These are all good places to go when they are having a clearance sale or even just check out the clearance section every once and a while.


4. Start Posting Youtube Videos

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for the past few years, but I am going to start posting videos this month all about reselling and my journey! I want to give you guys some more insight into how I handle my business and any tips and tricks I have to help you! I have some video ideas, but feel free to comment down below or DM me on Instagram and video requests you have!


5. Blog Consistently 

Since I am going to be starting a Youtube channel my blog will be changing a little bit, but it will still be thrifting and reseller related. Once I start posting videos I won’t be posting as many tips on here about reselling. I will shift my focus for this blog more towards thrifted outfit posts and secondhand fashion. I still want to give you guys some tips and tricks, but they won’t be as often as I do them now. I hope that sounds interesting to you guys and something that you would still be interested in reading!


Thank you guys for reading my October goals! Let me know what your goals are for this month down in the comment section!

XOXO, Cait

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