My Most Recent Posh Purchases + Try On Haul

So over the past few weeks, I have really been searching Poshmark for some AMAZING deals and let me tell you… I found them! I started off my looking for some pieces to wear for my fiance and I’s engagement photos. I had a few things in mind that I definitely wanted, but I also bought some stuff that I just thought was really cute. Not all of this stuff is for my upcoming engagement photos, but a few pieces are so I thought you guys might be interested in seeing what I bought. I unboxed most of this stuff on my IG story so you guys would’ve seen that if you follow me over on Instagram!


1. Tory Burch Espadrilles

So this was the first thing that I bought because honestly I have been really wanting them for a long time and they were a decent price so I snatched them up! They came with the box so that was a plus! I will probably be wearing for one outfit in my engagement photos. I think we will be doing 3-4 outfits so I will probably wear these for a casual outfit look.


2. Current/Elliott Biker Jacket

I have been looking for a leather style jacket for a while and when I originally bought this I thought it was leather (MY BAD), but I actually still really like it. I have an outfit planned out for my engagement photos where we are both going to be wearing black jeans and black jackets so I will wear this for that outfit. I purchased this not just for the engagement photos, but also because I don’t have a leather jacket and I have been on the hunt for one for a while so this is perfect!


3. Madewell Gingham Pants

Okay, I will admit this area a little crazy, but I honestly couldn’t pass them up. Gingham is so in right now and these are so cute. Plus they are NWT and I got them for only $25!!! I couldn’t just let them go so I had to buy them. I will probably wear these a few times before it gets too cold outside to dress cute. Minnesota winters are no joke, you guys. It gets -20 degrees so some days you literally can’t dress cute because you’ll be freezing your butt off.


4. Madewell Plaid Sweater

So I found this girls closet and she has the CUTEST stuff! You guys should check out her closet because I literally want everything she is selling. I bundled this and the next two items together because it was all so cute I had to have it all. I thought this was perfect for fall and it’s so fuzzy. It is a little scratchy on the inside because it is made out of wool, but I will wear a shirt underneath anyway so that’s no big deal.


5. Chloe Oliver Top

I own one other Chloe Oliver Top that I got at Goodwill one day and it is one of my favorite tops I’ve ever owned! It is sold at Anthropologie and it is such amazing quality. If you’ve never heard or seen any of their items go check them out because they have the cutest stuff! I thought this would be perfect for a day where you want to dress cute but don’t want to put too much effort into your outfit. It is kind of a sweatshirt material so it nice and comfy. I thought the floral embroidery was so cute and very in style right now.


6. Free People Lace Shirt

This is the original item that I found that brought me to this girls closet (her closet name is @vzohfeld btw) and I just thought this would be perfect for fall! It will looks is cute tucked into a skirt or worn with leggings since it is a longer tunic style top so it will cover the bum. I just loved the lace detailing on the chest as well as on the wrists that I just couldn’t pass it up!


7. Hunter Rain Boots

I was inspired to get these when I saw them on Anna Kendrick in the recently released movie, A Simple Favor. I couldn’t stop thinking about how cute her shoes were so when the movie was over I immediately went onto Poshmark and had to buy them! They were listed as black in her listing, but they are actually green. I didn’t even notice until I had worn them for a few days. I’m not upset that they are green because you honestly can’t even tell unless you’re looking at them underneath a flashlight. They do need to be cleaned up, but I got a pretty good price for them so I am willing to clean them up!


Thank you guys for reading my post! I hope enjoyed seeing all the new items that I purchased for fall as well as my engagement photos! I will hopefully be taking my pictures pretty soon and I will definitely be posting them here on my blog! I am also debating on starting a YouTube channel so keep an eye for that because I might do an engagement photoshoot vlog!

XOXO, Cait

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