My Reseller Must Haves

Over the past year of being a part-time reseller, I have used a bunch of different products to make my life a little easier. Some worked and some didn’t so I thought I would share with you guys what my MUST HAVE’S are!


1. A Steamer

This is probably the most important item that I use for reselling and for my personal clothes. When I first started I didn’t use a steamer and let me tell you it has been the best investment I have EVER made for my reselling business. I will insert a picture below that I posted on my Instagram a few months ago of a before and after of a shirt. When a customer is scrolling through their feed they are way more likely to click on listing if the item looks nice and is wrinkle free versus one that looks like it has been sitting in a corner for the past 2 years. When I bought my first steamer I bought the Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer and it was absolutely terrible. It didn’t even work for me at all so I decided to return it. My Target only had a few steamer options and none of them looked amazing except for the really expensive ones. Naturally, I decided to splurge and I am so glad I did. I ended up buying the Rowenta Commercial Steamer and I absolutely love it! It has a special hook for you to hang the clothes on and it has a couple different attachments in order to get things off of your garment while steaming. I would highly recommend this steamer if you are looking to purchase one!


2. Designed Polymailers

This is one of my favorite parts of packaging up items because I am obsessed with my current poly mailers! They match the theme of my closet and I just think they are the cutest things I have ever seen! I will be switching it up for the winter time to some festive designs. I think this is an important part of my must haves because when a buyer sees a cute poly mailer in the mailbox or on their front door it gets them excited for what’s inside! I purchase my current poly mailers off of Amazon because they are super cheap. I have previously purchased from Inspired Mailers and they are a little bit pricier, but they are really amazing quality.

These are similar to the ones I used last winter.

I just ordered these for fall and I was debating on these as well!


3. Storage Bins

I haven’t found bins that I am in love with, but the ones I use right now work perfectly fine. I wish I had a shelving unit to put the bins onto instead of stacking them on top of each other. The bins fit 50 pieces at the moment (it was summer so everything is lightweight) and they get really heavy. I tried other bins and boxes a few months ago, but I have found anything I love so I gave up looking. I think I might have found something at Walmart the other day so I will have to go back and purchase a few bins and see if they work! I will keep you guys updated on my Instagram (@fashiononafraction) with how I like them!


4. Some Sort of Backdrop

I have changed my background a few times over the past year. I made a post a couple months or so ago about my photo history and why photos are so important. I gave a lot a info and tips in the post so go check it out! I am currently OBSESSED with my striped background and the flowers. I think it looks really chic and classic which is very much my style and what I am trying to go for in my closet. I also used a furry white rug for my flat lays, but I recently just changed up my flat lay set up. I am LOVING my new set up. The most important part of your background is that it is unique to you and your closet. People should be able to scroll through and notice a listing is yours right away! You want to stand out and make your presence known in the community rather than look like everyone else.


5. Printer

Currently, I use a regular printer (I know I need to upgrade) because I don’t feel like I make enough sales for it to be worth my money to spend on a Rollo or Dymo printer. Lately, though I have been selling quite a few items daily so if my sales keep up like this I will definitely be investing in an upgrade because it takes so much time to cut each label and then tape it onto the package. If any of you guys have either a Rollo or Dymo let me know what you think about it and if it is worth the cost! I am all about trying to save myself time lately because I just started school a couple weeks ago so I need to make as much time as possible for my homework. I also work a “regular” job and now that I have this blog I have a lot on my plate!

Thank you so much for reading my post! I hope you guys learned a few things and let me know what your must have’s are in the comments down below! Let me know of any future post ideas you would want to see!

XOXO, Cait

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