Weekly OOTD: Work Edition

Most of you know that I was in Chicago a few weeks ago on vacation and I had an amazing time. If you would like to see my post about what I did and wore while I was there I made a post that you can read here. Well since I was gone for a whole week I had to switch my work schedule around and I had to work the entire week when I got back. I thought I would share my work outfits with you guys so you could see what I like to wear and maybe give you some ideas for future outfits! Most of my items are thrifted, but you could find similar items on Poshmark or eBay!



It was cold and rainy when I woke up so I wasn’t really feeling like wearing a dress which is what I normally wear to work. My cardigan and my boots aren’t thrifted, but I got my boots on sale at Saks off Fifth for my birthday a month ago!



It was another cold and rainy day so I decided to dress a little fall inspired because it is just around the corner. Can you believe August is almost over and school is starting?! I am shocked that we are already over halfway through the year. Anyways, everything except for my boots is thrifted!



It was still a little colder out today, but it was sunny so I wanted to wear a dress before it starts getting really cold here in Minnesota! The acorns are falling and the trees are starting to lose their leaves so I know fall is coming soon and I am not ready for it you guys! Well my dress and jacket are both thrifted and I was going to sell this jacket, but I thought it was super cute and I wouldn’t have made a ton of profit after I looked at the comps so I decided I would put it in my closet!



Yesterday was my friends birthday, but I wasn’t able to hang out with her so we made plans to go out today. My town has a fest every Thursday in the summer so we decided to go down there and grab a bite to eat. I just got my Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection palettes in the mail so I had to use them and that’s why I am so dressed up looking all fancy and stuff. My entire outfit is thrifted which I am really proud of because in total this outfit only cost me $13!



I didn’t work on Friday so I just relaxed and did a little bit of sourcing (by little I mean I got 2 things…. sadly). Today I had to work all day and I was so tired when I woke up so I just threw an easy go to work outfit on. I wear these jeans ALL the time for work (as you can see) because they are so comfortable.


Thank you guys for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I normally wear to work on an everyday basis! Let me know what your guys’ work outfits normally look like! Also, leave a comment down below with any future post ideas that you would like to see from me!

XOXO, Cait

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