REVIEW Of The ThredUp Goody Box

So recently I had heard that ThredUp has a new thing called a ‘Goody Box’, which is a style curated box with secondhand clothes and accessories delivered right to your door. I was very interested in this idea and thought for only $10 why not try it out, what could go wrong?!?! I thought I would put it into a blog post for you guys because I figured you would also be interested in it and its good to hear someone else’s experience before you try it out for yourself! I will take you through each step of the process and what I think about it overall!

Step 1: Questions

So before you do anything you have to fill out a questionnaire about your personal style and sizing. There is a picture below of my answers. My style at the moment is a classic, girly, and fun style. Think a mix between Blair Waldorf, Meghan Markle, and anything Kate Spade. I currently work in an office setting and I will be going back to school full time, in the next 6 months for Retail Merchandising. I need clothes that will suit me well for when I go to school since I will be doing a fashion major I want to make sure I look fashionable!

Step 2: Try On The Clothing

This is the best part! So when you receive your box it will come with a pamphlet that tells you the estimated retail and the current sales price on each item. Then you try on each item and see what you like and don’t like. I tried on each item for you guys and went in depth a little bit about each piece and if I will be keeping it or not!

1. Theory Skirt- $36

This skirt was a little short on me. It also isn’t really my style. It looked like a school girl skirt that they would’ve worn in Gossip Girl season 1. I’m not trying to dress like a school girl so I sent this item back.

2. Black Crossbody Bag- $31

This bag is unbranded. I personally didn’t really like this bag. It seemed very flimsy and cheap. I think it was reversible which is good because then you could have two bags in one, but it just wasn’t my style. I sent this item back.

3. Zara Dress- $25

I thought this dress was really cute, but it just didn’t fit me right. It had a zipper on the side and dresses that have that always fit weird for some reason. I also sent this item back.

4. Ella Moss Blouse- $22

I had never heard of this brand before, but I think this top is actually pretty cute. I did not end up keeping this item because I just don’t think I would wear it enough.

5. Parker Skirt- $32

I love this skirt, but unfortunately, it didn’t fit me! I love the design and the fit of the skirt. I had to send it back, but I would’ve kept it if it fit me!

6. I Heart Ronson Dress- $23

This is another brand I have never heard of. I thought this dress was cute, but it just wasn’t my style. I think this would be a cute everyday dress though for someone! I also sent this item back.

7. BCBG Pink Bag- $31

This purse was a cute bag and it would be perfect as a work bag! It was a good sized bag and a lot of room on the inside. I already have an everyday bag and this one had a few marks around the purse. This was also sent back.

8. Kimchi Blue Dress- $18

I liked the design and fit of this dress. The fabric, on the other hand, was very cheap and I didn’t like the way it felt on my body. I actually ended up ripping this dress trying to get it off, so I had to keep this item because I ruined it. If I hadn’t ripped it I would’ve sent it back though.

9. Cache Pink Blouse- $28

This Cache pink top was cute,  but it just wasn’t my style. I ended up sending it back. If you guys don’t know the brand Cache, they actually don’t make clothing anymore. They are a vintage brand, but their items are still sought after. I have sold a dress from them before within a few days for $30. I would keep an eye for their clothing pieces!

10. Banana Republic Top- $17

This is one of the only items I actually liked out of all 10 things. I would’ve kept it, but I find so much Banana Republic at my thrift stores that I just couldn’t pay the price when I could get for a fraction of the cost! I sent this back, but I will be looking for similar items at my thrift stores for layering pieces!

Step 3: Send The Items Back

In the box, they send you a preprinted shipping label so you can easily send the items you don’t want back to them! I told you guys about which items I am sending back (which is most of them) and why.

Overall, I think this is a great service and a really easy way for you to try out some new clothes that have an inexpensive price tag! I thought that some of the items they sent me did fit into the categories I selected, but some of them didn’t. I wish that they allowed you to pick more that one style category. I could pick Classic, but if I could pick more I would’ve also selected Glam and Feminine. If you could pick more than one style category they would be able to narrow down the specific style of that person better. I picked out certain brands that I was interested in and I think they sent me some good items that fell within those brand, but some of the items they sent me didn’t seem to fall into those brands. I know I did pick the cheapest box, but I wanted to see what they would send me that was inexpensive. Maybe in the future, I will try another box at a higher price point and review that one to see if I like that one better!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading and let me know of any future posts you would like to see from me!

XOXO, Cait


  1. Thank you for reviewing their services. I want to try their boxes as well to see what they will send me, but am worried that nothing will fit! (ahh) I have a hard time sometimes finding items that fit my long legs/arms!

    • I would definitely try it out just to see! It only costs $10 and you send anything you don’t want back to them! I though it was a good experience just to try it out and now I know I’m the future what to expect if I decide to try it again!

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