Perfect Everyday Outfit That I Got At The Thrift Store

Lately I have felt like I have nothing to wear. Does anyone else feel like this all the time? I look into my closet filled with clothes, but I still can’t seem to find anything that suits my mood in that exact moment. Everything is either too dressy and I’m not in the mood for dressy, or its too casual and I don’t want to be too casual. Its a never ending cycle of feeling like I have nothing to wear. Well I was feeling like that yesterday and I was running out of time to pick out an outfit so I threw some clothes on and it didn’t turn out too bad. I thought I would share the outfit with you guys because I think its a perfect in between outfit for not being too casual and not being too dressed up!

When your boyfriend/photographer yells “Work it girl!” you can’t help but laugh

Jeans: Boyfriend Jeans from Lucky Brand. I got these at the thrift store and they are my FAVORITE pair of jeans I have ever owned. SimilarSimilarSimilar

Top: L’Agence. I purchased this at the thrift store as well and it is so soft! Similar, There is not a lot available on Poshmark for this brand. I would keep an eye out for it though at the thrift store because it is rally expensive retail and really nice quality!

Bralette: Soma. I purchased this at the Soma store, but it was on clearance so that makes it justifiable. SimilarSimilarSimilar

Sandals: Cynthia Rowley from TJMaxx. I love these sandals and I always get so many complements on them! SameSameSimilar

I hope you guys enjoy reading these outfit posts! It fun for me to show you guys my thrifted finds and how I style them with my retail purchases! Thank you for reading my post and be sure to comment any future ideas you would like to see from me!

XOXO, Cait

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