August 2018 Reselling Goals

Since basically, July is over I thought I would share the goals I am setting for myself for August. I set goals for myself every month in order to push myself and sell at a higher volume. July was a little on the slower side for me. Some people would contribute that to the “summer slowdown” that hits the reseller community, but I would say that I also had a part in my slower sales. If you guys follow me on Instagram you would know that I went on a little birthday vacation to Minneapolis, MN. It was a lot of fun and a much needed little break. When I came back from my weekend vacation I was slow to get back into the reselling mode. I am finally feeling like I am getting back into my groove and I thought I would share the goals that I am setting for myself to crush this next month. I made a blog post last week about motivation and I think that really helped to motivate me to get back into the grind of reselling. Without further ado, lets into my August 2018 goals!

1. Sell 45 items on Poshmark 

The past couple of months I have set a goal to sell an average 2 items per day, and although I was close I did not reach my goal. So for this month, I will set my goal high, but still attainable. I am still new to reselling (I have only been doing it for a year part-time) so I am not selling at high volumes yet. I think this goal will still make me work hard to reach it while not being too far out of reach.

2. Start listing on eBay again

I have given up eBay the past few months because I just wasn’t seeing the return from the all the work I was putting into it. I decided to take a break for a couple months, but now I think I am ready to start putting some effort back into it. Ebay is a great source of income since there are larger amounts of people that can access it such as worldwide buyers. Although I enjoy selling on Poshmark better I still think that eBay is something I need to work on to sell more items.

3. No sourcing 

I am currently trying to put myself on a no sourcing spree because I have a lot of unlisted inventory. I just went through my inventory last week and found a bunch of stuff that wasn’t listed. Now, this week I want to go through my inventory and rephotograph items that are stale in my closet and relist them. Some of the pictures on those items are fine, but I have discounted them so much and they still aren’t selling. I just want to refresh those items and hopefully, they will sell for a higher dollar amount because of it. I don’t plan to not source all month, but I do have a trip that I am currently trying to plan for Chicago. Even if I end up not going I still don’t want to source until then in order to get this inventory listed.

4. Share more consistently

Lately, I have been slacking on self-sharing as well as community sharing. I want to get better at sharing my own closet because self-shares are very important. My goal is to share my closet 2-3 times per day, every day in the month of August. I have barely been sharing from the community though and that is my number #1 priority in the sharing department for the month of August. I will be sharing a lot more so feel free to leave your Poshmark closet username in the comment section and I will share your closet throughout the entire month of August!


I hope you guys enjoyed reading my goals for this month and let me know what your goals for the month of August are down in the comments! Thank you for reading!

XOXO, Cait


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