Photohistory + How I Improved My Photos On Poshmark

Over the past year, I have changed my photo setup a few times and I am finally happy with my current setup. I thought I would tell you guys a little bit about my photo process and why I decided to change my photos. I also thought I would give you guys some tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way with how I take my photos! If you are interested, then just keep reading!


I first started selling on Poshmark in 2013 right after the app started. I began by taking pictures on the carpet in my bedroom because it was all I really had at the time.


Fast forward to last year when I started reselling. I began with my carpet again but soon decided to change to something a little bit different. I had a mannequin (I named her Monique. Does anyone else name their mannequin?) and decided to use her because it was easy to take the clothes on and off and I could take the photos quickly.


After the mannequin, I decided to change to a white furry rug because some other resellers were using them at the time and all of their photos looked amazing so I thought I would give it a try. So I went to Target one night and bought a white furry rug and I used that, and still do, to take photos.


Fast forward again to now. I decided I wanted to set myself apart from other resellers and make my photos stand out when people are scrolling through the app. I have never seen anyone do something like this and I thought it would be perfect since it is very reflective of my personal style. I love black and white stripes and I love anything floral so I thought this was perfect. I use this background for items that I put on the mannequin such as tops, dresses, and sweaters.


I still use the white rug, but I got different lighting and I have added a prop to make the picture look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I love Paris and I found this at Homegoods one day so I had to buy it for myself. I recently decided to start adding it to my flat photos because it adds a nice touch. I do flat lays for items that can’t be put on my mannequins such as pants, skirts, and bags.

Although I am still using the same background in my old photos, the photos look completely different. One reason is that I got a lighting kit to make my photos brighter. I think this has helped me tremendously.


Why Your Photos Are Important:

“A photo says a thousand words”. We’ve all heard the saying before, but we normally brush it off. Well not anymore. When selling clothing online the only thing the buyer has to go off of are your photos. You need to make an impression with your photos because it could turn into a sale or someone who leaves your listing. The first impression is everything so the cover shot needs to set the stage for your item. Down below is an example of the exact same item, but with different photo setups. Both photos display the item as the center of attention and have a great background. The photo set up on the right is more unique and whenever I am scrolling Poshmark I can always spot out Kristen’s (@voyageisaverb) photos because they stand out. She is personally one of my favorite closets on Poshmark!



1. Be Original 

This is my number 1 tip because I believe it is the most important. Setting yourself apart from other resellers will help you create your own brand and your customers with recognize your photos instantly. I have a black and white stripe background as well as black and white stripe business card that I send out with every package that I send. Before I got my business cards I used to send a floral thank you note that I used to get from the target Thank You card section. I made a post about How I package My Poshmark Packages, here, if you are interested in seeing how I package each item.

2. Good Lighting 

This could be natural lighting or a lighting kit. you want your buyers to be able to see your item and all of the details so they know what they are buying before they buy it. Personally, I use a lighting kit just because I am working out a small space in my basement and there aren’t any windows that let light in, in the area I photograph in. I use a pretty inexpensive lighting kit that I got off of Amazon a few months ago and I think it works great! There is a little bit of assembly that needs to be done when you receive them, but it is totally worth it!

3. Use Square Mode 

When taking pictures on an iPhone you can switch to the square photo mode and your photos will be square instead of rectangular. This saves so much time when you are listing because you don’t have to crop or edit any of the photos. This doesn’t really have anything do with the photos itself, but it is a time saver when you are listing. If you don’t do this already I definitely recommend!

4. Make The Item The Center of Attention

This is very important because when is scrolling through listings they want to know instantly what is for sale. They don’t want to have to click on the listing and wonder what is for sale because it is unclear through your photo. I have had this happen to me many times and it is frustrating every time. When this has happened to me I was interested in an item and clicked on the listing thinking it was a different item that was for sale and it made me upset because I was really excited to buy the other item.

5. Quality Over Quantity 

Focus on making your photos the best they could be rather than focusing on trying to knock out photographing 50 items in short amount of time. It is better to take photos of 10 items and they look amazing than to take photos of 50 items and they look decent. People will be more likely to buy your item if the photo looks good than if it looks like 5 years old took it. Focus on the quality of your photos and your items and you will go places.


Some of my favorite photo setups on Poshmark:

Alexandra (@alvictoria)

Jenna (@emptyhanger)

Sarah (@trendsetchic)

Kristen (@voyageisaverb)

Haley (@haleys_hanger)

Courtney (@courtneyonposh)

Just to name a few! They all have very different photos, but I love all of their photo setups! They are unique and different which makes them amazing. Check them out and give them so posh love because they are all posh goals!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have any more tips or tricks let me know down in the comments! I am always trying to learn different things to improve and learn. If you have any suggestions for future posts you would like to see from me also let me know down below! Thank you for reading!

XOXO, Cait

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