How I Package My Poshmark Items

In my last blog post, I had mentioned that I asked you guys which post you like to see next. About 25% of people said they wanted to see ‘How I Package My Items’ so although it didn’t win the poll I still thought that I should do it for you guys! I have linked the items that I use in my shipping process just in case anyone is interested in what I use to ship my items!

I tend to do shipping daily in order to get my shipping time to be around a day. I personally don’t look at other poshers shipping time when I purchase from them, but in order to get/keep your Posh Ambassador status, you need to ship items in less than 3 days. Sometimes I don’t get to shipping every day because I will go sourcing or I will have to other things that I need to get done, but I try my hardest to ship every day. Currently, my average ship time is 1.3 days, which I personally think is really good for me only being a part-time reseller.

With that background info, let’s get into the post…

STEP 1: Print out shipping labels


I like to print out all the shipping labels at once and then I write on the blank part of the page what item it belongs to that way I don’t mix the items up when I go to put them in the poly mailers. I have accidentally sent someone the wrong item, thank the Lord it has only happened once, but once is enough! I try to do as much as I can to make sure that it doesn’t happen again!


STEP 2: Pull items from inventory


My inventory system is a little confusing because I don’t have a dedicated space for all of my poshmark stuff, but most of my stuff gets put into numbered Ziploc bags. The items that don’t fit into a Ziploc bag get put into a laundry basket, very professional I KNOW. Then there are the items that haven’t made it into inventory yet,  which happens to be a lot at the moment…..

I write down the inventory number, and if the item doesn’t have one in my spreadsheet then I write down a little description so I can look for in the other two places.


STEP 3: Write thank you notes on the back of business cards

I have a picture below of what my business cards look like, but I purchased them from Vistaprint. I got 500 business cards for $9.99. In my opinion that is a really good deal since that makes each business card only cost $0.02. I like to write a little note on the back that includes their name, thanking them for the purchase, and that I hope they like their new item! I feel like adding a little note makes the purchase personal and it lets them know that there is a real person running this business. Sometimes the personal touches get lost in this business and I always try to make sure that you can see how much effort I put into every single item.

STEP 4: Fold Items

LastShareCollage 2.PNG

I purchased this folding board off of Amazon, and I think it is great for the price! I needed something that would fold the items in a clean and professional way and it saves time from me having to fold the item like 50 times in order to make it look good….. because let’s be honest sometimes it’s hard to fold certain things. The folding board is currently on sale, so if you have been thinking about buying one I would definitely recommend buying it!

STEP 5: Wrap item in tissue paper


I personally like to wrap my items in tissue paper because I feel like it adds a luxurious touch to the purchase that it wouldn’t have without the tissue paper. If I received an item wrapped like this I would love that the person put the time and effort into wrapping my item. It does take a while to package the items, but right now I’m not selling a large volume of orders. Maybe once I start selling more items on a daily basis I will rethink how I package my items, but for now, this is what I like to do!

I purchase my tissue paper at Target in the 40 sheet packs, and I use 2 pieces per item! The gold hearts and the washi tape is also purchased from Target! I love the way all of these items look together when the item is all packaged up!

STEP 6: Put the item in a poly mailer or USPS box


I get my poly mailers off of Amazon. I personally LOVE these. I think they are super cute and they go with the theme that I have in my closet! These are the 10×13 size, and I think it is the perfect size to fit most items.

If the item I am trying to ship is too big to fit into a poly mailer I put it into a USPS box which can be ordered and shipped to your door for FREE!


I hope you guys liked reading this post about I package my items! If you guys have anything that makes your shipping process easier let me know in the comments so I can try it out! I am always interested in hearing your recommendations! Also, let me know what future posts you like to read!

XOXO, Cait


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